Team members: Arthur Middleton, Emiliano Donadio, Justin Brashares, Jon Pauli, Andres Novaro, Harshad Karandikar, Mitch Serota, Guada Verta, Pablo Alarcón, Jacob Goheen, Francisco Molina

Large mammals are recovering across Patagonia, despite ongoing conflicts with local livestock producers. Our research program focuses on improving the outcomes of wildlife recovery by mitigating human-wildlife conflict and informing management solutions to restore the Patagonian steppe. Faced with ongoing challenges of climate change and human-wildlife interactions, this region embodies the many difficulties and opportunities that face landscape-level conservation initiatives worldwide.


Team members: Arthur Middleton, Emiliano Donadio, Jon Pauli, Michael Sheriff, Owen Bidder, Paula Perrig, Jacob Goheen, Francisco Molina

Landscapes of fear can dictate how animals utilize resources, move through space, and interact with other species. Our work explores the spatial and temporal dynamics of predator-prey interactions using pumas and vicuñas as a study system in San Guillermo National Park, Argentina, where rare high quality forage is also associated with high risk of predation.

Anthropogenic impacts on wildlife Ecology and conservation

Current team members: John Benson, Seth Riley, Justin Brown, Ellie Bolas

Previous team members: Chris Wilmers, Yiwei Wang, Justin Suraci, Austen Thomas, Mike Clinchy, Ayana Crawford, Taal Levi, Tim Duane, Devin Roberts, Liana Zanette

Our work examines how human-induced fear influences risk-mitigation strategies, diet selection, predator-prey interactions, energetics, competition, and landscape connectivity for California wildlife. We seek to understand the ecological consequences of displacement of pumas as behavioral top predators and the effects of synergistic anthropogenic effects on mule deer in human-dominated landscapes in California.

Other ongoing Collaborations

Disease ecology and ecological restructuring with Julia Monk et al.

Caracal movement on the Cape Peninsula with Laurel Serieys and the Urban Caracal Project

Evaluation of of non-consumptive effects of predation in the field with Scott Peacor et al.

Human influences on global scavenger diversity and network structure with Esther Sebastián-González et al.

Anthropogenic influences on predator-prey interactions with Amy Van Scoyoc et al.

Evaluation of the predator-prey space race with Justin Suraci and Andy Sih et al.

Interactive effects of human presence and development on mammalian predators with Chloe Reilly and Justin Suraci et al.

Environmental influences on small mammal populations with Tina Cheng, Chris Law, Anna Nisi, and Yiwei Wang et al.